Ruby Necklace and Earring Set

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Absolutely stunning deep pink Ruby necklace and earring set. Set in 925 silver. Comes with a 24 inch cable chain.




Rubies are an ancient stone, revered since history began, and as such are very powerful spiritually. It fills its owner with power, with self-esteem and confidence, it has been the gemstone of dominant rulers and nobles. It brings vitality and verve to the wearer, allowing him or her to live life to its fullest and take every positive opportunity that comes their way.


Of course it is the color and the stone of love, of passion, romance and, yes, sexuality and lust. It increases desire and energy, allows one to enjoy the sensual pleasure of life, and attracts romantic partners. (




** this is a naturally formed stone and will exhibit cracks and chips within it's formation.

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